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亚博真人百家游戏-阿奇姆彭:不想死的话就要拼 所有人都想这场胜利

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   At 15:30 pm on October 16th, Beijing time, the first round of the Dalian Division's relegation group in the second stage of the 2020 Chinese Super League began. Tianjin TEDA team ushered in the first round of competition with Shenzhen Kaisa at Dalian Jinzhou Stadium. The "Relegation War" officially kicked off. TEDA's pre-match poster featured the word "Spell" as its theme. In the game, TEDA also really worked out, and the new aid Suarez played well, and the team finally played a rare good goal. Achim Peng's "Double Happiness", who coincided with today's birthday, scored twice, and TEDA, who won 2-0, finally won the league's first victory! And TEDA's first win is so important and timely, if it can keep the advantage in the second round after 5 days, the team will achieve the most "saving" relegation!

北京时间10月16日下午15:30,大连超级联赛降级小组在2020年中国超级联赛第二阶段的首轮比赛开始了。天津泰达队在大连锦州体育馆迎来了与深圳佳兆业的首轮比赛。 “保级战争”正式拉开帷幕。泰达的赛前海报以“咒语”一词为主题。在比赛中,泰达也确实发挥了作用,新援苏亚雷斯发挥出色,球队最终打出了罕见的好球。彭于晏今天的生日恰好是阿奇姆·彭(Achim Peng)的“双喜”,他获得了两次进球,而泰达则以2-0赢得了联赛的首场胜利!而泰达的首场胜利是如此重要和及时,如果它能在5天后保持第二轮优势,那么球队将获得最大的“挽救”降级!



   This game is Suarez's first start on behalf of TEDA. Although the run-in time is relatively short, high expectations are still placed. On the whole, the team also ranked the strongest team this season. Achim Peng and Ahmedov did not unexpectedly start. In addition, there are Zheng Kaimu and Rong Hao in the midfield, and the young defender Jiang Shenglong is U23. The players made their debut, partnering with Su Yuanjie, Bastians, Song Yue, Zhao Honglue, and goalkeeper Teng Shangkun.

此游戏是Suarez代表TEDA的首场比赛。尽管磨合时间相对较短,但人们仍然寄予厚望。总体而言,该队也排名本赛季最强球队。 Achim Peng和Ahmedov并未意外开始。此外,中场还有郑开木和容浩,年轻的后卫姜胜龙是U23。球员们与苏元杰,巴斯蒂安,宋岳,赵洪略和门将滕尚坤合作首次亮相。

In the 4th minute of the first half, TEDA scored a goal. Suarez got the ball from the front court and passed it directly to Achim Peng. The opponent goalkeeper Guowei made a mistake to form an empty goal. Of course Achim Peng would not waste such an opportunity. , A calm push for TEDA ushered in a dream start! Although Shenzhen Kaisa gradually stabilized, Suarez continued to put pressure on Shenzhen's defense. Even after losing the ball in the frontcourt, the TEDA team started an active counter-grab, making it difficult for opponents to create an offensive.

在上半场的第4分钟,泰达打入一球。苏亚雷斯从前场拿到球,直接传给阿希姆·彭。对手守门员郭伟犯了一个错误,形成一个空球。当然,阿奇姆·彭(Achim Peng)不会浪费这样的机会。 ,泰达的冷静推动迎来了梦想的开始!尽管深圳佳兆业逐渐趋于稳定,但苏亚雷斯继续对深圳的国防施加压力。即使在前场丢球后,泰达队也开始积极反扑,这使得对手很难亚博真人百家家乐平台发起进攻。

The leading TEDA team has been looking for an opportunity to extend the lead. In the 31st minute, Ahmedov went straight and Suarez followed up with a shot. The Shenzhen team defender cleared the goal line. The referee then ruled offside first, but this attack did indeed Very threatening; approaching the midfield, Li Yuanyi's kick near the penalty point was at a straight angle and was easily confiscated by Teng Shangkun. Soon after the referee Ma Ning blew his whistle, TEDA maintained a 1-0 lead at the end of the midfield.


At the beginning of the second half, the Shenzhen team obviously strengthened their offensive, but soon after TEDA ushered in a second goal, Zheng Kaimu picked a pass from the backcourt, Achim Peng quickly inserted a low shot, and the ball once again penetrated Guowei’s ten fingers. 2-0 lead! In the subsequent game, Teng Shangkun made several consecutive saves. The coach of the Shenzhen team also frequently changed players to seek opportunities, but the effect was very limited.

下半场开始时,深圳队明显加强了进攻,但泰达迎来了第二个进球,郑开木从后场接球,彭于晏迅速插出一记低射,皮球再一次打入了国威的球门。十个手指。 2-0领先!在随后的比赛中,滕尚坤连续进行了几次扑救。深圳队的教练也经常换球员寻求机会,但效果非常有限。

   In the 75th minute, Achim Peng's cross hit the opponent's defender, and then Zhao Honglue followed with a shot that changed the line slightly higher than the goal, TEDA brushed shoulders with the third goal. In the subsequent games, TEDA overcame the opponent's continuous offensive under the condition of physical tightness and finally maintained the 2-0 score to the end. The league's first victory finally came, and it was so crucial!

在第75分钟,阿奇姆·彭(AChim Peng)的传中击中了对手的后卫,然后赵宏略的射门改变了底线,使其比目标高出一点,泰达则用第三个进球擦肩而过。在随后的比赛中,泰达在身体紧绷的情况下克服了对手的持续进攻,最终将比分保持在2-0。联盟的第一场胜利终于来了,这非常关键!



  Wang Baoshan: In the first game of the second stage, facing opponents who are stronger than us, the boys performed very well! In fact, before today’s game, due to our short time for training in this formation, I still have some anxiety in my heart, but the players performed very well tactically. The addition of Suarez has brought changes to our offense, especially as a fulcrum striker that has provided us with great help. He arrived in Tianjin on the 25th last month and ended the isolation on October 9th. In fact, he only trained with us 5 times, but he can understand this style of play well; as a U21 player, Jiang Shenglong faces This kind of stressful game also performed very well.


   Achim Peng: I am in a very happy mood. I am also very happy to win the game on this special day of my birthday. We feel that everyone is working very hard to win the game. We prepared very well when we were in Tianjin. We all know how the current format is, so we know that this game is a life-and-death battle. If we don't want to "die", we must do our best to maintain our fighting spirit. Today all the players have shown their hard work and their desire to win.




   First victory finally arrived! From the beginning of the season to the present, this 2-0 finally relieved everyone who cares about and loves TEDA! It feels a little unexpectedly smooth, but everything is reasonable. Since the club increased its commitment to relegation in September, everything is slowly improving in a positive direction. After Suarez finally reconciled with the team, the team can complete the tactical arrangement of the head coach. After the game, Wang Baoshan was also excited. Kneel to celebrate. The current TEDA team is also close to returning to the level it should be. The team and fans who have been depressed for so long now have reason to be cautiously optimistic!


Although the TEDA team's performance in the first stage of the league was not ideal, when the roster for the first round of the first round of the second stage appeared in front of them, many people may most intuitively feel that the TEDA team's lineup strength is not inferior. , Even slightly stronger than the opponent. Especially after Suarez joined the team, TEDA's central axis strength continued to improve. Although the running time with the team was limited, his role as a fulcrum on the field and the pressure on the opponent's goal were like a good medicine to solve the problem. There are many "stubborn illnesses", even better than Wagner's role in the formation. The player's worth is indeed expensive, and his presence can indeed help the team achieve the desired effect.

尽管泰达队在联赛第一阶段的表现并不理想,但当第二阶段第一轮第一轮的名单出现在他们面前时,许多人可能最直观地感觉到泰达队的阵容实力是不逊色。 ,甚至比对手略强。特别是在苏亚雷斯加入团队后,泰达的中轴强度不断提高。尽管与团队的比赛时间有限,但他作为场上支点的角色以及对对手目标的压力都像是解决问题的良药。有许多“顽固性疾病”,甚至比瓦格纳的形成还要好。球员的身价确实是昂贵的,他的存在确实可以帮助球队达到预期的效果。

   At the press conference before the game, the head coach Wang Baoshan specifically mentioned the offensive and defensive balance when talking about the team’s defense. It can be seen from the content of this game that when the team's offense is smooth, the pressure on the back line will be significantly reduced. At the same time, a good situation will also boost the spirit of the entire team. All players will be more involved in defense. To be positive, the team has more motivation to "fight". Throughout the link, Suarez still had to mention the role played by Suarez. He seemed to be a potent medicine to cure the various "stubborn diseases" of the TEDA team. Compared with the last few rounds of the first stage, he not only improved the frontcourt. The ability to handle the ball, while restraining the opponent’s defense also better activates other players, not only helped Achim Peng break the scoring drought, but also made Ahmedov more calm in the midfield, and the first stage was full. The criticized Zheng Kaimu also sent a wonderful assist, and the TEDA team finally returned to the normal state it should have.

在赛前的新闻发布会上,总教练王宝山在谈到球队的防守时特别提到了攻守平衡。从本场比赛的内容可以看出,当球队进攻得心应手时,后场的压力将大大减少。同时,良好的局面也会激发整个团队的精神。所有球员都将更多地参与防守。积极向上,团队有更多的“战斗”动机。在整个链接中,苏亚雷斯仍然不得不提及苏亚雷斯所扮演的角色。他似乎是治疗泰达团队各种“顽固疾病”的有效药物。与第一阶段的最后几轮相比,他不仅提高了前场。处理球的能力,同时限制对手的防守,也可以更好地激活其他球员,不仅帮助阿奇姆·彭(Achim Peng)打破了得分荒,而且使艾哈迈多夫(Ahmedov)在中场更加镇定,并且第一阶段已满。受到批评的郑开木也派出了出色的助攻,泰达队终于回到了应有的正常状态。

This victory is of great significance to TEDA. It made a good start. The TEDA team is close to the goal of completing relegation, but the more at this moment, the more the spirit cannot relax, because the relegation battle is not over yet. . Five days later, at 3:30 pm on October 21st, TEDA will continue to compete with Shenzhen Kaisa in the second round. The time between the two matches is short, and the opponents have limited room for adjustment. This is for TEDA, which has recovered well. It is also a positive situation. However, in the next match, Zheng Kaimu will have four yellow suspensions. Under the condition that the opponent will definitely attack with all his strength, try to get a draw and relegation as much as possible. This is the goal of the TEDA team in the next game. (Jinyun News reporter Cao Ruizhi)

这次胜利对泰达意义重大。这是一个好的开始。 TEDA团队已接近完成降级的目标,但此时此刻,越多的精神就越无法放松,因为降级之战尚未结束。 。五天后,即10月21日下午3:30,泰达将在第二轮比赛中继续与深圳佳兆业竞争。两次比赛之间的时间很短,对手的调整空间有限。这是针对泰达的,它已经恢复良好。这也是一个积极的情况。但是,在下一场比赛中,郑开木将有四个黄色的禁赛。在对手一定会竭尽全力进攻的情况下,尽量争取平局和降级。这是TEDA团队在下一场比赛中的目标。 (J云新闻记者曹瑞芝)

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