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亚博真人百家游戏_网球名宿投身公益 中国初级卫生保健基金会云基金启动

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Original title: Tennis star dedicated to public welfare China Primary Health Care Foundation Cloud Fund launched


On September 25, the launching ceremony of the Cloud Fund of the China Primary Health Care Foundation was held at Olivu Sports E Station. The leaders of the China Primary Health Care Foundation, experts and entrepreneurs in the tennis and medical fields, and many media witnessed this moment.

9月25日,中国初级卫生保健基金会“云基金”启动仪式在Olivu Sports E站举行。中国初级卫生保健基金会的负责人,网球和医疗领域的专家和企业家以及许多媒体见证了这一刻。

In 2014, the Party Central Committee and the State Council promoted "National Fitness" as a national strategy. In 2016, it clearly stated in the "Healthy China 2030" Planning Outline that it is necessary to carry out extensive national fitness campaigns to strengthen the integration of physical and medical health and non-medical health interventions. “Promoting sports activities for key groups” to improve the physical fitness of the whole people. It is based on this background that the Cloud Fund Project of the China Primary Health Care Foundation was officially established in 2020, aiming to actively lead a healthy lifestyle and promote a healthy lifestyle through the public welfare fund platform. Healthy exercise methods. Provide health services for the general population and advocate a lifestyle of self-health management. Beijing Aoliwu Technology Development Co., Ltd. is the sole initiator of the project.

2014年,党中央,国务院大力推广“全民健身”作为国家战略。 2016年,它在《健康的中国2030》规划纲要中明确指出,有必要开展广泛的全民健身运动,以加强身体和医学健康与非医学健康干预措施的结合。 “促进重点人群体育锻炼”,提高全民身体素质。基于这样的背景,中国初级卫生保健基金会云基金项目于2020年正式成立,旨在通过公益基金平台积极引领健康生活方式,倡导健康生活方式。健康的锻炼方法。为普通民众提供保健服务,倡导自我保健管理的生活方式。北京奥利武科技发展有限公司是该项目的唯一发起人。

The China Primary Health Care Foundation is a non-profit social organization with independent legal personality that is co-sponsored by the China Peasants and Workers Democratic Party and the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China to fund and develop primary health care in impoverished areas in China. Ms. Chen Yixin, the executive deputy secretary-general of the China Primary Health Care Foundation, came to the scene and officially awarded the plaque to Ms. Li Yunhui, the founder of the China Primary Health Care Foundation Cloud Fund, on behalf of the foundation. In addition, Chen Yixin also expressed his best wishes for the combination of the foundation and sports projects.


Li Yunhui, Chairman of Olivo Company and Director of Cloud Fund, said at the ceremony: I used to be a professional tennis player. Charity, sports, and the "Champion Care" charity project of the Cloud Fund. What we advocate is to promote the champion spirit of sports. We call for more social forces to pay attention to the health of retired athletes. What we hope is more Medical and rehabilitation experts come to help athletes master scientific training methods. Our professional athletes are struggling for the dream of championship. Some people's injuries will accompany their lives. I retired due to illness, retired due to illness, affected the quality of life due to illness, and caused poverty due to illness. I hope that through my efforts, more people, more companies, and the society will pay attention to this group of "sports people hurt". ! Life lies in sports-let sports people live longer!

Olivo公司董事长兼Cloud Fund董事李云辉在仪式上说:我曾经是一名职业网球选手。慈善,体育和Cloud Fund的“ Champion Care”慈善项目。我们提倡的是弘扬体育的亚博真人百家家乐平台冠军精神。我们呼吁更多的社会力量关注退休运动员的健康。我们希望有更多的医学和康复专家来帮助运动员掌握科学的训练方法。我们的专业运动员正在为冠军梦想而奋斗。一些人的伤害将伴随他们的生活。我因病退休,因病退休,因病影响生活质量,因病致贫。我希望通过我的努力,更多的人,更多的公司和整个社会将关注这一“运动给人们带来的伤害”。 !生命在于运动,让运动使人们寿命更长!

Li Ning, former president of Beijing You'an Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, now China Ice and Snow Medical and Health Security Specialized Expert, and now executive deputy director of the Cloud Fund Management Committee of China Primary Health Care Foundation, introduced himself and sports at the launch ceremony of the Cloud Fund. Fate also explained the scientific movement and the necessity of sports protection from a professional perspective.


Champion care will be the focus of public welfare projects. There is no casual victory in the world. Behind every champion, there are unknown injuries. Some physical injuries are accompanied by lifelong injuries. The purpose of the "Champion Care" charity project is to solve the problem of their own injuries for the champions. The "Cloud Fund" public welfare platform cultivates "self-health management" and "health skills services" for retired athletes, so as to obtain life guarantee. Through publicity, promote the champion spirit, let more champions get the attention of the society, and give them care and love. Reflect the responsibility and feelings of "Cloud Fund".

冠军关怀将成为公益项目的重点。世界上没有偶然的胜利。每个冠军的背后,都有未知的伤害。一些人身伤害伴随着终身伤害。 “冠军关怀”亚博真人百家游戏慈善项目的目的是为冠军们解决自己受伤的问题。 “云基金”公益平台为退役运动员培养“自我健康管理”和“健康技能服务”,以获取生命保障。通过宣传,弘扬冠军精神,让更多的冠军受到社会的关注,给予关爱和关爱。体现“云基金”的责任感。

When talking about the original intention of setting up "Champion Care", Li Yunhui said: One is to promote the spirit of sports champions, and the other is to pay attention to the physical health of retired athletes, hoping to get more companies and experts to participate in the project.


Not just world champions, all athletes and sportsmen who have worked hard for honor and for their ideals are messengers of champion spirit. Caring for them not only reflects the sense of responsibility of our society, but also allows this spirit to influence more people and make unremitting efforts to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Whether it is an athlete career or a coaching career, Xie Fengsen has a profound experience of champion spirit and scientific sports. He said at the kick-off ceremony: "When I was a coach, my team and I aimed to be champions. We practiced very hard for this goal. At that time, there was not much scientific sports concept. Looking back, the training at that time will cause irreversible damage to the human body. But as people engaged in competitive sports, we have no regrets and no regrets for the sake of honor. Leaving the arena The physical pain of athletes is long-lasting. Although there are corresponding policies in the organization, it is really difficult to cover everything. So I think that through public welfare, more social forces can pay attention to and care about this group, which reflects the temperature of our society. Especially Thank you everyone!"


It is worth mentioning that Jiang Xiaoyu, deputy director of the Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman of the Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association, also came to the launching ceremony. He affirmed the way sports people do charity and is full of expectations for the future of the Cloud Fund.


Jiang Xiaoyu said: "First of all, congratulations on the establishment of the Cloud Fund of the China Primary Health Care Foundation. Second, praise Li Yunhui for turning from a tennis player to a tennis coach, tennis entrepreneur, and finally a charity sportsman. The leadership of the China Primary Health Care Foundation and the charity of enthusiastic people such as sportsmen and entrepreneurs on the scene contributed to the establishment of the Cloud Fund." Finally, Jiang Xiaoyu said that as a tennis enthusiast, he is willing to continue to love tennis in the future and do his best to contribute to the tennis career and the Cloud Fund.




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