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In November 1972, the elder Harland (Alf-Inge-Rasdal-Haaland) was born in Stavanger, the fourth largest city in Norway, and started his career with the local team Brüne at the age of 18. . In 1993, as a defensive midfielder, the old Harland landed in the British arena and joined the veteran club Nottingham Forest that had just been relegated from the Premier League. He replaced the Irish star Roy Keane who joined Manchester United at this time.

1972年11月,年长的哈兰(Alf-Inge-Rasdal-Haaland)出生于挪威第四大城市斯塔万格,并在18岁的当地团队布吕内开始了他的职业生涯。 1993年,作为防守型中场,旧的哈兰德登陆英国赛场,加入了刚刚退役的英超老将诺丁汉森林俱乐部。他取代了此时加入曼联的爱尔兰球星罗伊·基恩(Roy Keane)。

A year later, the old Harland returned to the Premier League with Nottingham Forest, and then joined the league powerhouse Leeds United in 1997 when the team was relegated again. At the same time, Keane not only gradually grew into the core of the midfielder at Manchester United, but also became the captain of the Red Devils after Cantona's sudden retirement. However, the old Harland and Keane did not have much overlap before this, until the match on September 27, 1997.

一年后,旧的哈兰(Harland)与诺丁汉森林(Nottingham Forest)回到了英超联赛,然后在1997年再次降级时加盟了联赛劲旅利兹联(Leeds United)。同时,基恩不仅逐渐成长为曼联中场球员的核心,而且在坎通纳突然退休后成为红魔队的队长。但是,直到1997年9月27日的比赛之前,旧的哈兰和基恩并没有太多的重叠。

This is the 9th round of the 1997-98 Premier League. Manchester United came to the Elland Road Stadium to challenge their arch rivals Leeds United. According to Keane later, his condition was not suitable for the competition because he had a conflict with others after being drunk in a bar two days before the game. Even so, Keane started and continued to show his fierce style on the court, not only from the emotional fluctuations brought about by the drunk conflict, but also from the confrontational old Haaland on the court that made him into a fight.

这是1997-98英超联赛的第9轮。曼联来到Elland Road体育场挑战他们的主要对手利兹联。根据基恩后来的说法,他的状况不适合参加比赛,因为他在比赛前两天在酒吧喝醉后与他人发生冲突。即便如此,基恩还是开始并继续在球场上表现出他的猛烈风格,这不仅是因为醉酒冲突带来的情绪波动,还来自球场上对抗性的老哈兰德,这场斗争使他陷入了战斗。

In his autobiography published in 2002, Keane described it this way: "From the beginning of this game, he tortured me on the court... With five minutes left in the game, I rushed to Old Harland. My intention was to trip him. , Instead of kicking him, even if I knew it might mean a yellow card, but he really got me out of control." Just as shown in the animation, when Keane hit and tripped violently when he could not get the ball. Down old Harland, but didn't want to fall on the court because of the turf during the foul process.


The player who committed his crimes fell to the ground. This made Old Harland angrily. He and his teammate Weatherard rushed directly to Keane and accused the opponent of pretending to be injured to avoid being convicted of a foul or a card. Fortunately, Before the conflict broke out between the two sides, he was quickly persuaded by his goalkeeper. However, the people present did not expect that this seemingly insignificant fall actually accidentally caused Keane's left leg cruciate ligament to rupture!


The outside world has two opinions about the situation after the match. One said that Keane continued to play the game for 90 minutes after being injured, and his left leg injury was only discovered in a post-match inspection; another said that there was no record of Keane being replaced in the game because of Manchester United. When the time has run out of substitutions, Keane tried to return to the court, but failed. However, no matter what the situation was, the end result was Keane's reimbursement for the season because of this serious injury.


After such a crime, not only did he not think of repentance, but he publicized his own revenge through autobiography and other methods. Keane's behavior against sports ethics naturally caused public anger again. In this regard, the FA quickly made an additional penalty at this time, Keane was fined 150,000 pounds and suspended for 5 games.


However, in Keane's view, this is still not all. Until 2014, Keane published another autobiography "Kean Autobiography: Second Half", and stated in the book that he had conspired against many players, among which "Old Harland is definitely my enemy, he is annoying And despicable and shameless. I just want to catch him and teach him a lesson, let him know what happened... I also want to beat him badly, and then say to him, "Take it, you fool." I never regret my actions, but in fact I don’t want to hurt him."

但是,在基恩看来,这还不是全部。直到2014年,基恩(Keane)出版了另一本自传《基恩·自传:下半场》(Kean Autobiography:Second Half),并在书中说他曾与许多玩家密谋,其中“老哈兰德绝对是我的敌人,他很烦人,卑鄙无耻。赶上他并教他一堂课,让他知道发生了什么...我也想打败他,然后对他说:“抓住,你这个傻瓜。”我从不后悔我的行为,但事实上我不不想伤害他。”

Seeing such a fiercely wounding retaliatory criminal, coupled with Keane’s guilt-free autobiographical statement, it is not difficult to understand such rumors that Keane faced old Harland’s actions enough to end his The criminal of his professional career, this made the kicked old Harland never return to the green field.


According to records, after 4 days in the "Manchester City Derby", the old Haaland returned to his homeland and started in the friendly match of Norway's 2-1 defeat of the Bulgarian team, and was then substituted at halftime; Harland returned to Manchester City and played 68 minutes against West Ham United. It was not until this Manchester City's match against the Hammers that the waiver cards were raised.


Another fact is that before the "Manchester City Derby", the old Harland had a problem with his left knee. The video of the game also shows that the old Harland's left knee was bandaged in the game, and Keane was injured at the time. It's actually Old Harland's right knee. At the same time, Old Harland later said that he had already predicted Keane’s revenge foul at the time. “Fortunately, my leg left the ground at that time, otherwise he would cause more serious injury to me.”

另一个事实是,在“曼彻斯特市德比”比赛之前,老哈兰德的左膝盖有问题。游戏视频还显示,老哈兰德的左膝盖在游戏中被包扎,基恩当时受伤。实际上是老哈兰德的右膝。同时,老哈兰德(Old Harland)随后说,他已经预言了基恩(Keane)当时的报仇犯规。 “幸运的是,我的腿当时离开了地面,否则他会对我造成更严重的伤害。”

Shortly after Keane’s foul, Old Harland underwent surgery in the summer of 2001, but the knife was on his left knee, not Keane’s injured right knee. In the 2001-02 season, the old Harland still returned to the Manchester City team, but only 4 times as a substitute throughout the season. In view of the fact that Harland and Manchester City signed a contract that ended in 2005, but the contract stipulates that if the medical condition shows that Harland can no longer play for Manchester City, the club can terminate the contract, so Manchester City used this option in 2003, and the old Harlan De also announced his retirement due to unhealed injuries.

基恩犯规后不久,老哈兰德(Old Harland)于2001年夏天接受了手术,但刀在他的左膝盖上,而不是基恩受伤的右膝盖。在2001-02赛季,老哈兰德仍然回到了曼城队,但是整个赛季只有4次替补。鉴于Harland和曼彻斯特市签订了一份于2005年结束的合同,但合同规定,如果医疗条件表明Harland不能再为曼城效力,俱乐部可以终止合同,因此曼彻斯特市使用了他在2003年选择退休,而老哈兰德(Harlan De)也因伤未愈而宣布退休。

It can be seen that the main reason for the old Harland's retirement is the left knee injury that cannot be healed, not the right knee injured by Keane. According to the BBC report, after Keane’s 2002 autobiography was published, Manchester City and Haaland had planned to take legal action against him, but the legal proceedings were cancelled in February 2003 after reviewing the medical advice. Old Harland also said in an interview with the BBC: "I will not be held accountable for hurting me in that game or other games."


When this article is written, it may be over-the rumor that old Harland retired due to Keane's criminals has been debunked, and many previous articles on the rumor also ended with this conclusion. However, does Keane really have nothing to do with the retirement of the old Harland? "The Quest for the Truth" is obviously more rigorous and truthful.

撰写本文时,有传言称因基恩的罪犯而退休的旧哈兰德已被揭穿,有关传闻的许多先前文章也以这一结论结束。但是,基恩真的与旧哈兰德的退休无关吗? “追求真理”显然更加严格和真实。

In addition, Keane clarified after the autobiography was published in 2002 that the reason why he described the foul as malicious revenge against Old Harland was "only to sell a few more books." Not only that, he also called the "Sunday Sports Observer" magazine, saying that "I have never intentionally hurt any player in my career." As for the foul against the old Harland, Keane said he was just "playing hard."

此外,基恩(Keane)在2002年自传出版后澄清说,他将犯规描述为对老哈兰德(Old Harland)的恶意报仇的原因是“只卖了几本书”。不仅如此,他还给《星期日体育观察家》杂志打了个电话,说“我从来没有故意伤害过我的职业球员”。至于对旧哈兰德的犯规,基恩说他只是在“努力比赛”。

Facing Keane’s explanation, it was just like old Harland’s posture: Do you really think so? Looking back at the first foul in 1997, Keane obviously fouled against Old Harland on the premise that it was impossible to get the ball (the result was his own injury); look at the foul in 2001, I believe that every audience can do it. It can be seen that this is an obvious retaliatory foul against the ball, and even a foul that is enough to ruin the opponent's career. Therefore, Keane claims that he has never intentionally hurt people, and this excuse is untenable.


As the captain of Manchester United, Keane in the player era has won praise for his iron and blood spirit. To this day, many Red Devils fans still miss the fighting spirit and strength that Keane brought to the team. However, the above-mentioned consecutive criminals against old Harland are obviously violations of sportsmanship and cannot be removed at any time and for any reason. The other fact is that after Keane's infamous retaliatory foul, the old Harland did not finish another full game. Therefore, Keane may not be the direct cause of old Harland's retirement, but the physical injuries he caused are by no means unrelated.


After retiring in 2003, the old Harland returned to Norway with his family, including his 3-year-old son. Perhaps it was because of too much regret that he retired too early. The old Harland had great expectations for his son, and the young Harland also showed the proud talent of a sports family (whose mother Marita is a Norwegian track and field champion) since childhood. This opened another piece of football story. Today, the young Harland is flying high in Dortmund, and the old Harland has repeatedly emphasized: the Premier League is the final home of the young Harland. Perhaps there, there are goals that this father has not accomplished.


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