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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Guoqiu Di Morning Post on June 8.


In the early hours of this morning, La Liga announced the 30th and 31st rounds of the schedule. Due to the tight schedule, Real Madrid and Atletico will usher in two games in four days, and Barcelona will also have two games in five days. game.


The German media "Kicker" stated that Jule was reimbursed for the season and missed the next Bundesliga and German Cup matches, but the club hopes that he can come back in the quarter-finals of the Champions League in August.


According to a report by the Russian Satellite News Agency, Chelsea boss Abramovich spent 120 million U.S. dollars to get the world famous painting "The Scream."


On June 8, Beijing time, La Liga officially announced the 30th and 31st rounds of the schedule. At 20:00 on June 20th, Beijing time, the Spaniard will usher in the 30th round against Levante. At four o'clock in the morning on June 20th, Barcelona will play against Seville. Real Madrid will be in June. At four o'clock in the morning on the 22nd, the guest game against Real Sociedad was ushered in.

北京时间6月8日,西甲联赛正式宣布了日程表的第30和第31轮。北京时间6月20日20:00,西班牙人将迎战莱万特,进入第30轮。 6月20日凌晨4点,巴塞罗那将对阵塞维利亚。皇家马德里将在六月。 22日凌晨4点,迎来了与皇家社会的客串比赛。

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, Abramovich has just spent 120 million U.S. dollars to get the famous painting "The Scream" by Edward Munch.


According to reports from German media kickers, in the remaining Bundesliga and German Cup matches, Jule will not return to the court.


A report from Spanish Radio Zero claimed that Inter Milan's striker Lautaro Martinez had informed the team's coach Conte that he would join Barcelona.

西班牙零号电台的一份报道声称,国际米兰的前锋马丁内兹(Lautaro Martinez)已告知车队教练孔戴(Conte)他将加入巴塞罗那。

Real Madrid star Jovic posted pictures of barbecue with friends at home on his social platform. This move was questioned by some Spanish media.


Recently, there have been media reports that Real Madrid and Manchester United are interested in Ajax midfielder Van der Beck. Ajax CEO Van der Sar confirmed this matter in an interview with the media.

最近,有媒体报道亚博真人百家游戏皇马和曼联对阿贾克斯中场范德贝克感兴趣。 Ajax首席执行官Van der Sar在接受媒体采访时证实了此事。

The report by the well-known Italian journalist Nicolo Skira claimed that Real Madrid is in in-depth negotiations with the agent of Rennes star Kamavenga on a five-year contract.

意大利著名记者尼科洛·斯基拉(Nicolo Skira)的报告称,皇马正与雷恩明星卡马文加(Kamavenga)的经纪人就五年合同进行深入谈判。

According to reports from the Italian media football-italia, Cavani has agreed to Atletico Madrid's two-year contract with an annual salary of 10 million euros, and Inter Milan is just his alternative.


According to the official website of LaLiga, the Spanish Real Football Association (RFEF) and LaLiga (LaLiga) jointly announced that after the restart of the league, a one-minute silent ceremony will be arranged before all matches to mourn the victims of the new crown epidemic.


According to reports from Sky Sports Italy, Balotelli refused to agree to terminate the contract with Brescia. In this case, Brescia had to send him a lawyer's letter informing him that he had been fired by the club.


On the evening of June 7th, Beijing time, Tao Qianglong, He Longhai and Han Dong, who were banned by the Football Association for drinking during the training camp, apologized on Weibo: they felt deep regret and regret for their wrong behavior.


Recently, the 19-year-old Yan Kanxiang, who became popular with the Heli practice video, came to China B Yunnan Kunlu Football Club for trial training. His dream is to "enter the national football." However, due to the lack of systematic training, Yan Kanxiang failed the trial training. Xinhuanet commented on this that "falling before the dream, it is worthy of love."


According to reporter Miao Yuan, the second transfer window for the Chinese League this year is about to open: July 1-28. The Chinese Super League plans to start on July 11, and the Chinese A and B will follow.


Ramos' brother, Rene Ramos, recently talked about the difficulties faced by players and agents during the epidemic and the future of his brother Ramos in an interview with Horizon Radio.

拉莫斯的兄弟勒内·拉莫斯(Rene Ramos)最近在接受Horizo​​n Radio采访时谈到了球员和特工在疫情中所面临的困难以及他的兄弟拉莫斯的未来。

Dybala is one of the first players in Serie A to be diagnosed with the new crown virus. Today, after the FIFA20 charity match with Tottenham star Ali, the Juventus winger accepted an interview and talked about his recovery.


After Maguire left the team this season, Se Yunju stepped forward to become the defensive leader of Leicester City. In an interview with Fanatik, Manchester City midfielder Gundogan also praised the Turkish central defender.


Ighalo said in an interview that when Manchester United first sent out the invitation, he thought it was a joke.


In an interview on FIFA's official website, Cafu talked about the performance of Messi and Ronaldo over the past ten years. He thinks it is very difficult to choose a better one from the two.


Barcelona legend Puyol recently posted a video on social media that used his face to block Carlos’ burst shooting, and joked: "Brother, you almost kicked my head off."


Bonucci accepted an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport and talked about his feelings about being able to return to the game.

Bonucci接​​受了Gazzetta dello Sport的采访,并谈到了他对重返比赛的感受。

Recently, Harvey accepted an interview with DAZN. The legendary Barcelona star revealed that he might go to Bayern or Inter in the summer of 2008, but Guardiola, who just took over Barcelona, ​​took 1 minute to convince him to stay.


Zaha is a talented wing player, and he has not been reused when he played for Manchester United. It is rumored that this is because he had an affair with the daughter of the then coach Moyes. In an interview with "Locker Room" magazine, the Ivorian denied this statement.


According to Footmercato citing Brazilian media Metropoles, a recording of Neymar’s chat with friends was exposed recently. Neymar was very dissatisfied with his mother’s new boyfriend in the conversation.


South Korean media reported that Bordeaux striker Huang Yisuke entered the Nonsan Military Training Center in Chungnam on the 7th of last month and completed training on the 4th of this month. During the four-week military training, Huang Yizhu was elected the physical fitness king, but his shooting rate was only 50%. On the eve of leaving South Korea, Huang Yizhu shared his training experience.


According to the "Mirror" report, Dybala operated Liverpool to double-kill Ali in the FIFA20 online game at the weekend and was so excited that he sang the Red Army song "You will never walk alone".


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